You can add any number of additional custom palettes to ColorZilla for Firefox.

ColorZilla palettes are fully compatible with the GIMP palettes. Any palette that works in GIMP will also work in ColorZilla.

The ColorZilla palette folder can be accessed by clicking on the folder icon in the Palette Browser tab. Add new palettes to this folder and restart the ColorPicker dialog to see them in the list.

Did you create a cool new palette for ColorZilla (or GIMP) and want to share it? You can let us know about that. Links to palette related sites are also welcome.

Right-click on the palette and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." and save the palette file to the ColorZilla palettes folder.

GIMP Palettes

GIMP is an advanced free application for image processing.

GIMP comes with a nice set of palettes. You can get these palettes from the GIMP Git Repository.

Some of the palettes that come with GIMP are below.

The Visibone palettes are by Visibone.

Fractint Palette Collection

A huge collection of more than 400 palettes, archived for Fractint by Noel Griffin and Dan Goldwater. The palettes were generated from this collection by Adrian Likins. See the enclosed README.txt file for further details on the origin of the palettes.

The collection is available from as one tar gzip archive. Download the archive file and extract some or all the palettes into the ColorZilla palettes folder.

A few samples from the collection are below.

ColorZilla Default Palettes

Below are some of the palettes that come with ColorZilla. If you are a ColorZilla user you already have these palettes installed.

GIMP users are welcome to download and use these palettes freely.

X Named
Web Safe
Hues and
Hues and
Web Colors
by Hue
Web Named
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