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  • Click on the ColorZilla toolbar icon
  • On Windows, the eyedropper is activated automatically - go over the pixel you want to sample and click on it. On Mac and other platforms, select "Pick Color From Page".
  • The monitoring stops and the last sampled color value is remembered.
  • If the sampled color is one of a dynamic element (like a hovered link) and you want the original color, click on the main ColorZilla icon again and choose "Resample last location".

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Color Picker

  • Select Color Picker from the main ColorZilla menu to open the Color Picker with the currently selected color.
  • Manipulate the color either by directly modifying its components in the edit boxes, or by clicking on the color palettes.
  • Choose the radio buttons near the color components (R/G/B or H/S/B) to get a palette based on that component.
  • Use the narrow palette to change the selected component value, and the main palette to change the other two.
  • You can copy the current color values directly from the entry boxes in various formats and paste them elsewhere.
  • Press "OK" in the Color Picker to accept the selected color.

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Webpage Color Analyzer

  • Launch it from the main ColorZilla menu.
  • Allows you to analyze DOM element colors on any Web page.
  • You can locate elements on the page that correspond to a given color, by hovering on any color.
  • Select any color as the current ColorZilla color by clicking on it and then on the 'Ok' button.

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History Palette

  • All the sampled and manually selected colors are automatically saved in the History palette.
  • The History palette is currently part of the Color Picker panel.

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DOM Inspection Tools

  • ColorZilla can display the following DOM information about the element under the cursor:
    • element tag, class and id
    • dimensions of the hovered element
  • ColorZilla can outline current elements when hovering over them. Make sure Options > Outline Hovered Elements is enabled to turn this on.

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Options and Configuration

  • Auto-copy - you can configure ColorZilla to automatically copy the sampled color value to the clipboard. Select Options > Auto Copy > Enabled and choose you preferred color format.
  • You can use "Copy Special..." under the main menu to copy the sampled color to the clipboard using various formats.
  • Current element outlining can be enabled and disabled using Options > Outline Hovered Elements.
  • You can disable to automatic starting of the eyedropper when the main ColorZilla icon is pressed.

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